First version of SpecGine is ready!!!

We are pleased to announce, that after half a year of work, SpecGine is ready.

What is the SpecGine? It is a cross-platform game engine written in Scala. By utilizing Libgdx, SpecGine supports multiple platforms, like

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Mac OS X
  • iOS

Even though we release alpha version of SpecGine (and some parts of functionality are still missing) it has:

  • state management with hierarchy and resource loading
  • type-safe, static and reflection-less entity system
  • physically correct main loop

With the current state of engine you can easily create your own games. You can check how to do it in SpecGine tutorial where we show it by example of “Ping” – a pong-based game written entirely on SpecGine engine.

If you want to use our engine check SpecGine on Bitbucket where you will find complete information about getting and using it.
If you still want to learn more about SpecGine we encourage you to read API or its source code.

To get updates of what we are currently doing check our Trello board or @SpecDevs Twitter or simply contact us via e-mail: contact(at)specdevs(dot)com.

Enjoy writing your game with SpecGine!