At this particular moment SpecDevs consists of three active members, two mathematicians and gameplay designer. There are other people who wants to join or we want them to join, including programmers, designers and artists. Currently two people give us enough man-power to do everything we work on, but we are ready to grow as soon as we need to. To make the management easier, at any project iteration we try to keep active team size small enough, not exceeding five people.

Andrzej GiniewiczAndrzej Giniewicz is during his final rush for PhD title in Mathematics (i.e. Statistics, Sequential Life Testing). Both learning and teaching on Wroclaw University of Technology, working at same university as programmer. Was introduced to programming in 1992, starting from when he learnt (more or less in this order) Basic, Assembler, Pascal, Erlang, C, C++, Java, Ocaml, Lua, Python, Haskell, PHP, Scala and some other, lesser known languages. He loves Game Design, Typography and Photography, viewing them as a way of artistic expression without need for high manual skills. He also enjoys training Archery, good music on vinyl and playing pen&paper RPGs.

Piotr KupczykPiotr Kupczyk recenty got (thank God) his masters in Statistics from Wroclaw University of Technology. During studies he was exposed to some programming languages, including C, Java and R, met functional languages represented by F# at his day work. He has just started his adventure with programming in Scala. Spent most of his childhood on playing Star Craft, Pokémon series and Quake3, now he is a fan of League of Legends. He loves listening loud rock music and watching cartoons. Tries to travel as much as possible, the further, the better. Still enjoys watching football, even if Polish national team is playing.

Małgorzata Napiontek Małgorzata Napiontek is a gameplay designer. She was working for CD Projekt RED on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as a gameplay designer. As a game designer for QLOC her responsibilites grew. Her main fields of interests are game mechanics and AI, but she’s also been working as a level designer, supervising and directing motion capture sessions and writing dialogs. She spends her free time playing games and figuring out, how things are done, reading and writing.

Marta Bech Marta Bech is a Java developer. After adventures with harmonic analysis and statistics at University of Technology in Wrocław, began developing an application that deals with demand forecasting, sales planning and inventory optimization. Apart from Java and Scala, knows mainly statistical and mathematical packages, also some rudiments of Python and C. Huge fan of games, ranging from strategic/tactical like Risk, Civilization, Neuroshima Hex or Star Craft, through word games like Scrabble to RPG. Also, literally can’t live without dancing and crafting.